Our technical approach begins with the curriculum design and development and is focused on the Instructional Systems Design Model that includes five elements; Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. It is these processes that are central to the creation of training assets that support performance.  Our capabilities include:

  •   Training analysis
  •   Training Support Package development
  •   Rapid production capabilities
  •   Highly interactive web-based training 
  •   Virtual production and review capability
  •   Virtual Battle Space/Gaming

Design Approach: Unlike many companies that simply take information and place it in a graphics intensive, web-based format, Pinnacle is made up of a cadre of instructional development experts that know how to train to standard within a multitude of Contemporary Operational Environments.  We use this expertise to develop engaging, interactive lessons for a specific targeted audience.  This approach results in higher retention of knowledge in the least amount of training time. We are also leading experts in determining the right media for effective transfer of knowledge, be it through classroom instruction, Web-based instruction, podcasts or a combination of these or other training applications. We constantly seek out new technologies to enhance the quality of learning.

Quality Control/Quality Assurance Processes: Pinnacle applies certified quality assurance processes to all training projects providing an on time, within budget and a “right the first time” solution.  We constantly review all training products to ensure doctrinal currency and educational soundness in accordance with guiding regulations. We also perform internal testing on key components of our Quality Management Process and includes testing of any deliverables in the Expected Operating Environment (EOE). The EOE is established based on the technical specifications provided by the customer and, based on their requirements, which can include checks for browser, operating system, Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and Section 508 compatibility