Network servers and Earth globe

When deciding on the right Learning Management Systems (LMS), there is a lot to consider— which technology best fits your business needs?  How is it best implemented– behind the firewall or SaaS?  How will it be supported?  You may already have a platform, but it is not performing  to your expectations– how can you transition?

Pinnacle helps customers answer those questions, big and small, and our technology expertise demonstrates our commitment to seek out “best of breed” products and companies in order to deliver and integrate the right solution for our customers.

LMS Domain Hosting
We maintain testing and development domains for multiple LMS versions which allows our clients to develop and test their courseware prior to delivery to the client.

LMS Administration
Available services include setup and configuration of courses, research and resolution of technical issues, generating reports, maintaining technologies used for delivering online training, and assisting help desk personnel in resolving user technical issues.

Content Integration
SCORM, AICC and other online standards do not guarantee that any individual courseware package will operate correctly in a specific LMS or user environment. We create solutions to migrate entire catalogs or resolve individual course issues.