Content Management Systems are used to organize and facilitate collaborative content creation and Pinnacle’s customers have experienced as much as a 50% reduction in the time and effort needed to manage collaborative projects.  Our custom applications are focused on the workflow for custom courseware development and our solutions match the client’s content management challenges with software that simplifies and automates the workflow, provides custom reporting, and enables collaboration by providing a repository for work products.

Featured CMS Projects:

Manage Course Development

Managing the development of dozens of new courses and hundreds of lessons each academic term can be an overwhelming challenge.  It is often done with spreadsheets, emails, and “management by crisis.”  The solution was to look at the entire workflow involved in the development.  This included the phases and timing of the project cycles;  the individuals involved  and their roles and responsibilities,  including instructional designers, media specialists , and project managers; the information required by each individual in order to be efficient; and finally the security necessary to provide internal controls, ensure project success, and to protect intellectual property.

The result was a custom cloud-based CMS that streamlined the development process and which included role-based authentication, deliverable scheduling, automatic notifications and reminders, real-time reports tracking each lesson under development, as well as streamlined billing, and most importantly a  dramatic increase in efficiency with as much as a 50% reduction in time spent over the old methods.

Curriculum Management

With thousands of students across the globe the task of delivering training and tracking the different curricula required can be mountainous. The solution was to identify the variables used to catalogue and track the individual content objects–function, title, business unit, region, country and language– then recognizing that the objects may be part of many different curricula, a method was developed for associating each object with its target audience and displaying it in a web-based interface.  The result was a custom cloud-based CMS that for the first time allowed detailed tracking, maintaining and reporting for each training curriculum, as well as the cataloging of each content object.  Custom reports can be created “on-the fly” enabling  the efficient management of all courseware for a global training audience.