Converting resources online can be a significant challenge for many existing classroom instructors. The first approach is often attempting to take existing course materials and putting them online. This approach though is generally not effective and the expected learning outcomes are never realized.

Moving content online is not simply about transferring content – it is about transforming content and making it relevant to the organizational culture– and language.  The online materials should be suited for both the environment and technology- and this process is part art, part science.

While some clients desire only the “bare bones” in getting courses online, such as conversion of PowerPoint,  we understand and emphasize that “content is king.”   However, to be effective, most material to be converted to online courseware must first be transformed using sound instructional design in order to transfer the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities.  Pinnacle’s instructional design services are available to help you get the most out of your content.  We employ such techniques as:

  • Creating graphics, illustrations, and animations, such as avatars, that support the instruction
  • Writing and recording audio scripts to personalize the learning experience and help make the courseware more accessible
  • Designing scenarios that engage the student and make them part of the instruction
  • Creating interactivities that engage the learner with the onscreen content
  • Creating checks on learning that include activities, such as drag and drop exercises and simple games, then provide feedback and remediation
  • Developing practical exercises that immerse the student and allow them to apply procedures and engage in problem solving
  • Creating SCORM conformant content packages that include complex design and branching logic

The result is the transformation of content to an online experience that is engaging and effective. 

The course conversion process is made more complicated when you are rolling your course out to a global audience. Pinnacle uses a multi-step technical and development process to ensure even global courseware get’s the desired results.  Clients can choose from a range of approaches from rapid development, to more sophisticated custom designs including up to 14 languages.  We can provide the translation services as well, or partner with you to walk through the steps in creating your own.